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Have you already started your mission in WoW BFA? Have you learned the scenarios for Alliance or Horde quests in order to get the main treasure of the expansion – the Heart of Azeroth? If you have, then you know you will need to upgrade your personage as fast as possible to reach level 120 in order to get access to the main bosses and have necessary talents.

WoW BFA aadd-ons are made to help every gamer, whether he is a professional or not, to optimize the game at max, to avoid mistakes, to learn the features which help to get more of loots and treasures.

bfa addon guide

BFA addons must have is not the only one list for everyone. Find and download the ones you find necessary for your personage, for your goal and for your status certain moment of the mission.

Can addons be used in BFA    

Addons currently working BFA are not on demand but they ease the process of the game greatly. Just take a look at their description and imagine how fast and effective you will be running quests by quests. BFA addons that work are created directly for certain professions, classes or navigation. A neat line of hot button, a statistics of treasures or talents you’ve already got and which ones are left – this is a tine part of addons’ abilities.

Are addons allowed in BFA    

Do no ask Blizzard this question. BFA  working addons are extremely popular, do not demand much space and time to learn, helps in reaching the closest goal. In one word addons are helpful. So, are addons allowed in bfa? Just check how many gamers use this option, how many sources of addons are created and the answer will be evident to you. The game without addons is grey, dry and boring.

Types of Addons

ui addons bfa                         

We can choose the addons for BFA by their class and type but if you wish to get acquainted with the most interesting and useful ones just follow our list where we gathered the best examples.

  • Immersion – the addon to make the regular list of tasks simple. Just set the hot buttons on the screen and use the unique frames to read the quest in a moment.
  • Wholly also works with the quests but this time it looks like a list of all quests colored with different tones and having different status. The gamer can sort the quests according to different filters. Its map shows you what quests are left to run, their level, faction, class etc.
  • Daily Global Check shows the everyday quests you need to run, so that you will not forget about any of them.
  • TomTom is an addon made especially for work with mobs which give us the tasks. Besides, it is perfect in navigation as it shows you the shortest way to the goal.
  • Among all addons that work in wow BFA Askmrrobot is extremely useful for professional players and for the casual ones. It works to improve your hero: stones, armor etc. This addon offers a list of features to gain the next level of your personage.
  • Handy Notes will keep you informed where to look for the treasures and rare things in BFA.
  • Opie is an addon that helps to keep in order all the spells you use. Above all it has fantastic animation, different from regular graphics we are used to in WoW.
  • Enemy grid belongs to those BFA addons that helps to speed the reaction when you are surrounded by the enemies targets. It gathers all the targets in the list with the whole information about their buffs and debuffs, and an amount of mana.
  • Weak Auras is the perfect addon for the gamers who play on Mythic mode. Its statistics show all skills, trinkets in arena plus time frames of different bosses.
  • BigWigs Boss mode is the most useful addon if you are going to win over those numerous bosses. It includes individual scenarios, boss mods.
  • Trade Skill Master helps you to buy and sell things at the auction with max benefit. You know the vendor’s price, an amount of gold after using disenchant, min bid, the average price at the auction etc.
  • TellMenWhen – gives notification about buffs/debuffs and cooldowns.
  • Deadly Boss Mods is a necessary addon when it’s time to run the raid and dungeon. It gives information about time of spell cast for the boss.

2 thoughts on “Best addons for BFA: WoW addons review to win”

  1. Hi…just would like to add…I play alts, lots of alts. I can do without any addons, except for Altoholic! Also I like Elvui, pretty much all i use other than DBM

  2. Many people post a list of addons like this, but you actually mention alternatives to quite a few of them which is good to see. I’ve played wow for years and never really got into mouse over macros (granted I don’t play dot heavy classes), but I’m probably going to give them a look after watching this and see if I can fit them in.

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