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Have you already become a part of this huge and exciting world of Warcraft, the new expansion called Battle for Azeroth? We are here to remind that it is launched already and you have a chance to get acquainted with all those new zones, races and their abilities you’ve read before. But, sure, Blizzard knows how to keep intrigue and they never leave us without updates and special additions.

BFA dungeons WoW – this is what we are talking about. Another important part of the Battle for Azeroth expansion! They will be released in early September. Till then we invite you to learn as much as possible about them and prepare to win. You have a true advantage as we will tell you about both Horde and Alliance dungeons BFA, where to find them, how to enter and who you will meet inside.

New to Battle for Azeroth Mythic+ mode

wow new patch dungeons

The number of BFA dungeons is a little smaller than in previous expansion – Legion. But they keep new features that make the game really captivating and intriguing. Let’s take a look at the new additions especially for Mythic+ mode. Some dungeons will be available at every mode, others – only when the level of your personage is 120. The main changes are made for the affixes, keystones and gears.

  • New levels for affixes and some difference of their forms: Necrotic Rot has lost a little at his Plague damage – to 2% per stack; the same for Grievous Wound – 1,3% per stack instead 2%; enrage with damage 100% can be eliminated with help of Sooth and Spirit Shock, Explosive orbs have changed their color for green and the name – call them simply Explosive, not Fel Explosive anymore
  • While playing in the active Mythic+ dungeon you are not allowed to use Gear Swaps.
  • Weekly Challenger’s Chest has a random number of items, max – 3 items. From it you can also get Azerite Armor, instead of to farm it from Mythic+ mode.
  • Get Bonus Roll once you finish the Mythic+ conquest.
  • Keystones increased their level up and now they are staffed with Infested Affix plus Fortified and Tyrannical.

BfA dungeons overview

You will have 10 dungeons to explore. They are divided between Alliance and Horde in a fair way. BFA dungeons locations are concentrated on the new territories. Kul Tiras – the land of Kul Tiran people who have lost their power and gave way to pirates and all kinds of creatures with no dignity but only a starvation for power! It’s a part of Alliance empire, now Kul Tiras is led by Lord Admiral Katherine Proudmoore.

Zandalar belongs to Horde and it contains 5 dungeons. Let us remind you that Zandalar has always been a land of different tribes of trolls who live more or less peaceful life. Except the Blood Trolls tribe who worship G’huun and desire to be the lords of Zandalar.

We have much more information about Alliance dungeons. The bosses of BFA dungeons at Horde territory are still under the seal “Top secret”. To open the dungeons you need to reach a certain level in the game. There are dungeons opened for Normal, Heroic, Mythic and Mythic+ modes and there are 2 which can be available only at Mythic+.

Normal mode demands level 110 and then you will get right into Freehold, Waycrest Manor and Shrine of the Storm – the Alliance dungeons. As for the Horde at 110 level go straight into Atal’Dazar, The Underrot, and Temple of Sethraliss.

altar'dazar dungeon wow

Heroic mode starts with level 115 for Tol Dagor in Alliance and The Motherlode at Horde.

The mythic mode is 120 level. Here you will unlock not only the dungeons of your allies but the rivals. Which means being a part of Alliance you will get access to the Horde WoW BFA dungeons, and the opposite.

Exception! Siege of Boralus and King’s Rest are two dungeons which are accessible at Mythic mode only. As you understand, once you reach level 120 the whole world of the dungeon is open for you. Get the best BFA dungeons loot, special armor, mounts, pets, special transmog, buffs etc.

BfA dungeons list

Now it’s time to take a look at WoW BFA forced dungeons which belong to the Mythic+ difficulty as they are the most interesting. Who does not like challenges?

Siege of Boralus

Siege of Boralus is available at 120 level for the Alliance players. For their rivals from Horde it will be open after finishing the At the Bottom of the Sea campaign. What is interesting about this dungeon is that for the first time it happens that it has different scenarios for the players of two clans – Alliance and Horde. The main difference is about the first boss, the way to reach him and…his name. Surprising? Well, it will not be easier for any sides anyway.

You will meet 5 bosses here. The first, Sergeant Bainbridge, this is how the Horde knows him or Chopper Redhook for Alliance is famous with his casts: Iron Gaze to direct the whole rage at one enemy only, Boiling Rage that increases his movement and Heavy Hitter for the same goal. He is also perfect with casting Hangman’s Noose and its power is dangerous as it prevents the allies from using spells of any kind.

Dread Captain Lockwood is ready to meet us at 2 stages. Remember that he is a commander and he knows everything about weapon and cannons. The worst is that the whole arsenal is at his disposal!

Hadal Darkfathom is a relatively simple boss. You will win over him by using all kinds of spells in a smart way.

Viq’Goth uses cannons against the players. At the same time he can be beaten by 3 cannons only as well.

King’s Rest

The BFA dungeons list available at Mythic and Mythic+ difficulty is King’s rest which is located at Zandalar island, right under their capital Zulzadar. For Horde players it’s available at 120 level. For Alliance – after completing Blood in the Water campaign.

Let’s meet the bosses. The first boss is Golden Serpent who is a master of Suppression Slam spell. To fight and win you need a fast reaction to debuffs.

Mchimba the Embalmer will try to make you crazy with help of shadow explosion he mastered long time ago perfectly! He has crypts in the room with players inside the tombs and several servants who are King Timalji and Queen Wasi, Queen Patlaa and Skeletal Hunting Raptor, King A’akul ;us four Bloodsworn Agents, and finally King Rahu’ai, Guard Captain Atu & Seneschal M’bara.

The Council of tribes waits in the Hall of Ash. Actually they are 3 bosses and to win you need to defeat all of them. They do not have a stable order as it changes every week.

Dazar, the first King is the final boss in King’s Rest. E belongs to Elite and has three main abilities which are Blade Combo, Gale Slash and Impaling Spear. There are two patterns of the game here.

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  1. Wow, what a helpful and impressive BfA guide! I’d dare say I’ll be consulting this page daily.

  2. At first I was like what is the point of running the same dungeon over and over again with increased difficulty, but then I actually found it fun! And the variety of buffs makes replayability so much better in BfA!

  3. Hey, thank you fir this dungeon guide…I guess it’s very kind of Blizzard to make dungeons cancer for melee.
    Anyway, looking forward to meet with Golden Serpent!!!

  4. I haven’t seen it on the post, or maybe I just missed it, but it may be useful for some people to know that Priest’s Mass Dispel can also AoE purge Magic up to 5 targets, as the tooltip sugests (not listed on the magic purges list), which could be useful for example with the Minion of Zul packs near the start area, for a reference.

  5. Really good post thank you! Just want to ask if the “duration” on the keystone is 1 week long or does it go along with the weekly Wednesday reset? Lets say I pick one up on Monday, will it say 2 day duration or 7?
    And once it the duration ends do you have to start over from level 2?

    1. Keys lasts until lockout. Thus, in your exapmple it will be 2 days. And for the second question – “Open the Challenger’s Cache in your order hall after a weekly dungeon reset to receive a Keystone that is 2 levels lower than the best Mythic+ dungeon you completed in the previous week”

  6. Just thought Id drop by and say what great guides these are. As a producer of WoW dungeon guides myself, I can apprecaite all the work that goes into it and I really think yours are one of the best. Keep up the good work.

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