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Discipline Priest is one of the healers in BFA with his own unique talents which make him so attractive for the players. With help of Discipline healer you can both attack the enemies on the field and protect your heroes. This fact makes him unique of all 3 types of Priests in the WoW.

He gives protection not to one player only but to the whole raid. This is his main advantage that players appreciate so much: Discipline Priest will be used mainly in big raids as his talents are absolutely irreplaceable in comparing to others. If you know how and when to use his ability to make spells and deal damage with their help, then you are on your way to the win. Use our guide to learn about rotation of his talents from the experienced players who have already checked the beat version of Discipline priest in the new addon – Battle for Azeroth.

Several words about main talents of the healer

Priest BFA

Contrition allows you healing all the heroes who are under Atonement for 12%.

Lenience decreases damage for 3%. If you check in Legion this talent was in the artifact trait table.

Luminous Barrier is fantastic and really powerful talent: it make a shiled that protects all allies within 40 yards. Besides, it absorbs damage of Spell Power on every hero for 10 seconds.

Since of the Many works in offensive way by increasing your damage for 12% in addition to your usual damage level and defensive way by decreasing damage for all players under Atonement.

Rapture launching Power Word: Shield that absorbs 200% of damage during 10 seconds.

Power Infusion provides you with power during 20 seconds. While it’s working you get 25% of Haste and 25% of Insanity Generation.

What are the changes in Disc Priest

Angelic Feather has 3 charges and speed up the allied for 40% during 5 seconds. Halo makes a ring of Holy light that heals the players up to 110% plus dealing 110% of Holy Damage on the foes. Body and Soul uses Power Word: Shield to increase speed up for 40% that lasts for 3 seconds. It’s not instant speed but runs every 6 sec. Twist of Fate allows you healing the hero for 35%, deal damage with extra 35% plus additional 15% to healing skills during 10 sec. Schism spreads the Shadow energy on the enemies giving 150% of Shadow Damage plus increase the power of dealing damage for 40% during 9 sec. Shadow Covenant uses the Shadow power in healing and spreads an armor on the damaged heroes that absorbs 135% of the next attack during 6 sec.


To use talents of Discipline Priest fully keep in mind two important things. First, Atonement is your everything. Second, in addition to Atonement damaging spells of all kinds are your armor. In Batthe for Azeroth Discipline Priest has got some changes in comparison to previous addons. However, we will not stop at those changes exactly and give you a guide what was before and what we have now. You will get wise strategy – one of possible ones – to follow in order to win your enemies.

Speaking of Atonement power

Discipline Priest BFA

Atonement is a moving force of several talents that this healer has. The most powerful are Power Word: Shield, Shadow Mend and, of course, Power Word: Radiance. Use them all, one by one, according to the battle scenario you are in. We will explain why to do it and how to apply those talents.

Power Word: Shield is the most impressive and protective talent of Discipline Priest. Its main advantages: it gives you +40% of speed and decrease damages the enemies give you plus Power Word: Shield does not have limits of usage as every 6 seconds of the battles you may repeat it. Note: it lasts for 3 seconds only, so count every step of your personage not to lose your odds.

Power Word: Radiance is extremely useful when you play with a group of personages. If the previous talent could protect one hero, this one heals 5 players and at the same time cover other 5 players with Atonement.

Experienced players consider Power Word: radiance to be the best weapon in the raids of all kinds. Talking of duration, to compare with the previous talent it lasts much longer but if to speak of other talents then it takes only 60% of it, meaning 15 seconds.

Power Word: Pain is another powerful weapon upon the enemies in BFA. It works in two directions at once: give instant damage which is 22% all enemies at once and extra 132% during 16 seconds.
We did not forget about Shadow Mend we’ve mentioned as one of the most effective talents of the healer. It’s used when the hero needs a healing right now and there is no even a second to wait while other spells will work. While healing the hero Discipline priest also allows using Atonement.

Priests know everything about spells

Here are some other talents to use in rotation with Atonement.
Penance helps to heal the injured heroes and at the same time deal damages on cooldown. So, it works both, in offensive and defensive ways. In sense of offensive function it gives 3 kinds of damages. Castigation for all personages, Holy damaged and healing function during 2 seconds for each player of the team. Use it as much as possible at cooldown. The only thing that prevent penance from working is Shapeshifted.
Holy Nova is perfect in battles with a big number of enemies as it spread Holy damage of 20,5% from the burst of light to all foes at once. Simultaneously Holy Nova heals the damaged allies for 12 seconds.
Purge the Wicked is important in rotation as it works a little different than other talents. It gives Fire damage to all enemies – 30% instantly and 130% during 20 seconds. While casting Penance on your enemies Purge the Wicked hits all nearby enemies within 40 yards.

3 thoughts on “Best Discipline Priest guide: BFA healer reiew”

  1. I’ve always been a Shadow DPS Priest but tried Discipline DPS in 8.0.1 Pre-patch, and I’m now sold…

    Shadow had some survivability issues, DPS was high, but not living was terrible. I set up my sequence and with all the self-healing and stronger shields, overcoming a weaker DPS (not by much) is easily compensated for. I took on a +1 level elite last night that I struggled with back when my Prot pali met up with him and killed him and left combat with no damage to see.

  2. Body and Soul’s movement speed increase was given a six second internal cooldown to compensate for the fact that Power Word: Shield no longer has a cooldown. Angelic Feather is still better because Power Word: Shield is essential to your healing and you cannot stop casting it just because you might need the speed boost shortly.

  3. I am still confused about contrition.

    In a raid isn’t offensive use of penance more effective, even without schism or only 3-4 atonements up, since there are no breakpoints?

    To be honest, I feel more comfortable to use schism instead of defensive penance.

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