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Fishing is a great chance to upgrade your personage and reach the new levels. Blizzard has worked a lot about this part of the game for us and now we have a pretty much-simplified version of fishing.

 Not like in Legion, with fewer territories for fishing and with a higher rarity of each fish type.

Now you do not need to waste time looking for the best fishing spots BfA on the map thanks to the fact that all those fish appear pretty often. You will reach the max level which is 150 pretty fast now, like for an hour and a half.

Here and now you will get a full BFA fishing guide to be armed completely. Let’s dive there to fish!

BfA fishing: new fishing guide bfa - 4powerleveling

What new in BfA Fishing?

The main changes in WoW – two more continents – bring new places for fishing in Battle for Azeroth. The speed and success of your fishing depend only on your professional skills and recipes.

Take a look at the BfA fishing map now: water and Zandalar surround Kul Tiras has both inland water and the oceans around. They are the sources of fish.

As you remember in the previous expansion, Legion, there was one fish found everywhere and each zone had only one rare fish named by the zone where you could catch it. For example, Highmountain Salmon was in Highmountain etc. Thus the rarity of it was around 20-25%. Now for fishing BfA, these measurements have changed for better – up to 50% for all kinds of fish, except one, and no zone targeting anymore.

We will reveal this information below. Fishing in BfA now is of 2 kinds – coastal which is about any saltwater and inland – includes rivers and lakes you see on the territory of new zones. It’s easier now because some areas like Vol’dun does not have any water at all as it’s a real desert.

Fishing locations: for Horde and Alliance

To start catching the fish talk to BFA fishing trainer. That is not the same person for all. If you play for Horde go to Zandalar, Dazar’alor, and speak to Silent Tali. For Alliance players follow the same scenario – go to Kul Tiras island and meet Alan Goyle. This is the way to unlock your fishing and start leveling up. The number of fish is smaller and besides, you can meet the same fish in the waters around either continents or inland. Check the types of fish and the areas where to catch them.

Alliance fishing type

  • Great Sea Catfish – inland 50% rare, get in pool.
  • Tiragarde Perch – inland 50% rare, get in pool.
  • Midnight Salmon – both, coastal and inland, very rare, get in pool.
  • Frenzied Fangtooth – coastal 50% rare, get in pool.
  • Lane Snapper – coastal 50% rare, get in pool.

Alliance fish type - 4powerleveling

Horde fishing type

  • Great Sea Catfish – inland 50% rare, get in pool.
  • Redtail Loach – inland 50% rare, get in pool.
  • Midnight Salmon – both, coastal and inland, rare, not in pool.
  • Sand Shifter – coastal 50% rare, get in pool.
  • Slimy Mackerel – coastal inland 50% rare, get in pool.

Horde fish type - 4powerleveling

What is Midnight Salmon? This fish is pretty useful in cooking and selling but also it can teleport you to the closest pool. The rarity of its appearance depends on the time: in the daytime which is 6.30-18.30 there is only 1-2% to catch it, but in the night your chances increase by 4-5%. Mind the time and keep an eye on the watches.

BfA leveling while fishing in WoW

It’s time to talk about the most exciting thing. How to level up in BFA fishing? Considering there are only two areas to catch the fish and the rarity of each fish type the answer is evident: you will do it easily. Max level is 150. No fish will bring you max level at once, so you can catch as many fish as you can and this way upgrade yourself.

Talking of mounts, there is one BfA fishing mount – beautiful Great Sea Ray. Its requirement level for riding is 40, Journeyman 150. It can be summoned in any kind of water. Its travel mode is, of course, swimming with the ability to enhance speed by 60% or 300% depending on your skills.

WoW BFA fishing achievements require some skills to gain each of them and a certain number of fishes in your fishnet.            

  • Zandalari Fisherman – takes 150 points which are the max fishing skill.
  • Kul Tiras Fisherman – takes 150 points which are the max fishing skill.
  • Angling for Battle – get no less than 100 fish on any of two continents.
  • Fish Me In the Moonlight – get 50 rare Midnight Salmon.
  • Scent of the Sea – get 100 fish (at both zones)and convert them all into precious Aromatic Fish Oil.
  • Baiting the Enemy for Alliance – fish Rasboralus is appreciated especially by Proudmoore family.
  • Baiting the Enemy for Horde – fish U’taka is appreciated by royal family, look up in zone Dazar’alor.

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