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No doubt you’ve already opened a new patch 8.1.0 in Battle for Azeroth and you are aware of those changes in classes, heritage armor, weapon and even new zones which are available there. It’s time for a new raid of mini size – Crucible of Storms. It comes next after the first one we know about – Siege of Zuldazar. Let’s check what is different about it and what to prepare for. 

8.1.0 patch fresh news

Tides of Vengeance is still a puzzle for most players since only limited options work now. However, we are here now to learn about the second raid with all its bosses. Blizzard announced the main raid boss owns dark magic with a vast Shadow Damage effect. But we still have no idea how this boss looks like and how exactly to get into the raid.

What we do know is that Crucible of Storms wow has only 2 bosses and that’s why it’s called a mini raid. But it’s too early to relax as both bosses are not easy to fight with.

8.1 new patch

Second raid overview – Crucible of Storms

Crucible of storms raid is located on Alliance territory on contrary to Siege of Zuldazar for which you must go to Horde continent. The difference is also about the scenario: it’s the same for both factions and all classes. This fact makes the raid simpler as well. Look it up under the Stormsong Valley at Kul Tiras island.

You will meet 2 bosses here and thus an impressive Crucible of Storms WoW loot table with numerous weapons. Defeat the first boss after going through 2 stages and meet the final boss who is one of the darkest ever as his ability to use Relics of Power is a big problem for each player. Precisely this fact makes the raid exciting and not as plain as you may have thought in the beginning.

The Restless Cabal

The Restless Cabal boss is the first one. Actually, this is not one boss but a team of 2. He is called to bring back to life the relics of power, in particular, three relics. Prepare to defeat Zaxasj the Speaker who inflicts the enemies with melee range, and Fa’thuul the Feared – with range.

The main weapon of the Restless Cabal WoW is Relics of Power. As soon as the boss lacks 25% of energy he gets it back and starts fighting with the closest Relics of Power. What is this? Relics of Power is three in one:

  • Void Stone that consists of Embrace of the Void – reduces healing of all players by 100%, Umbrella Shell puts darkness on the caster with the absorption of 500 damage and finally Void Attunement that increases the damage for 10%.
  • Trident of Deep Ocean also has several components which are Custody of the Deep to create bubbles to protect boss, Abyssal Collapse when bubbles strike Frost Damage, Oceanic Attunement increases damage for 10%.
  • Tempest Caller: Storm of Annihilation that gives Nature Damage, Annihilate, Storm Attunement increases damage for 10%, Power Overwhelming – damage reaches 300%.

Crucible of Storms raid

Uu’nat, Harbinger of the Void              

Uu’nat, a harbinger of the Void is the second and final boss in the raid. He is hidden on the very bottom of the raid and uses the whole power of N’Zoth. There are three stages to fight with Uu’nat boss and on each, he uses not only Relics of Power but the help of N’Zoth, this old God that empowers his assassins with Shadow damage ability. Let’s take a closer look at his abilities.

All-Seeing Eyes

On each stage of fighting with this boss. He will use more or less the same spells to give you damage. You remember those Relics of Power from the battle with the first boss. So, what is different in this room? First, the boss is not alone. Undying Guardian helps him on every stage of the battle. Pay attention at the names of the stages as they speak loudly of the essence of each room. The first one is His All-Seeing Eyes: here boss can give you 50 Shadow Damage during 24 seconds. He also can inflict you with 10 Damage only for 3 seconds. Void Crash is something you must remember about as it’s the most dangerous ability of Uu’nat harbinger of the Void: 100 Shadow damage to all the players within 10 yards. If somehow, there were no players in the moment of releasing the void energy then it’s dealt again and this time the radius is more significant.

Dutiful Servants

Next, stage two – His Dutiful Servants: instead of Void Crash boss uses Unknowable Terror that comes from the void with 60 Shadow Damage to the players who stand within 60 yards. This power makes the players run in fear for 6 seconds.

Unwavering Gaze

Finally, stage three – His Unwavering Gaze: here numerous eyes of N’Zoth open giving void energy to the players together with 35 Shadow Damage. What is even worse is that the players become hostile to the allies which last for 4 seconds. Another thing is Piercing Gaze of N’Zoth which is an effect that stacks. And while it’s active every player gets 20 Shadow damage plus 10 every second.

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