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WoW BfA Shadow Priest is, undoubtedly, mysterious class, and if you don’t play it, you don’t know much about the inner workings of the class. But it is never late attempt to find out about its abilities to fix them for your game. Wish to know how to Shadow Priest with his skills and abilities from the new patch of BfA?
Follow us below where we collected all of the information that is necessary at a table. With this, we attempt to provide info about greatest Shadow Priest legendaries: to not create long description meet those – Sephuz’s SecretAgent, Aman’Thul’s Vision, Heart of the Void, Kil’jaeden’s Burning Wish.

Shadow Priest in the Battle of Azeroth overview

Shadow Priest talents are equally weak and powerful, such as for any other classes. Single-target damage is the very first weak aspect of the class however multi-target is a real strength. Don’t neglect to utilize it. Why do we state on it? Taking a look at the WoW Shadow Priest talents you may understand. Examine every step you create from the battle utilizing Shadow Priest with his Insanity productions, Mind Bombs and Voidform to examine the inner workings of the struggle along with the secrets to success.

Shadow Priest in the Battle of Azeroth overview

Upcoming Shadow Priest Changes in the new patch

It is time to discover changes, new developments and deleted abilities for Shadow Priest from BfA. All of them are created to assist with BfA Shadow Priest leveling at which, as everyone probably knows, the significant role that the intelligence plays. This functions for a class of course. Focus on it while picking equipment for your hero with the intention to update him to perform in ways that are harder modes.

Priest Talents

BfA Shadow Priest changes of these talents that are well-known will be the next:

⭐ Voidform is the most amazing Shadow Priest BfA. Blizzard announced that maximum power of the ability is diminished with the intent to produce the punishment once you fall from Voidform simpler. This spell provides 20 percent of harm from patch 8.1.0, in which additionally the Insanity production improved up for 25 percent when Insanity drain, to the opposite, drops to 15 percent.

⭐ Shadow Word: Pain persists for 16 sec, maybe not 18 anymore. 

⭐ Shadow Word: Void replacements Mind Blast and can be enabled with two charges.

⭐ Dispersion has an improvement: 50 percent and also to speed with 75 percent of electricity rather than 60 percent earlier.

Upcoming Shadow Priest changes in patch

⭐ Vampiric Touch runs for 21 sec – to a bit briefer.

⭐ Vampiric Embrace doesn’t improve Vampiric Touch anymore. However, it deals with Shadow Energy for 15sec. San’layn reduces its cooldown.

⭐ Hallucinations can be found in PvP style, belong to lively bouts. With their help you receive 6 Insanity turned by Mass Dispel, Power Word: Shield, Dispel Magic, Vampiric Embrace along with Purify Disease.

⭐ Surrender to Madness has a wonderful advancement: it doesn’t kill you after the impact of Insanity creation is completed. It protects you from coping Insanity creation the uring following 30 sec, therefore it doesn’t boost it . 1 choice: at 1 minute you receive it was thanked by 90 percent of wellness.

Priest Talents

Green means it the default talent.

Blue means the choice has merit, but for a specific case.

Red means do not get this talent.

New Talents

What’s new in the WoW Shadow Priest talent table except for the changed ones?

  • Intangibility is a new active talent that substitutes Mania. It cools down the Dispersion for 25% now and brings 50% health back.
  • Last Word reduces cooldown for Silence spell – 15 sec.
  • Dark Void sets off the Shadow Word: Pain and deal damage to the enemy and all targets with 10 yards.
  • Dark Ascension also deals damage to the enemies within 10 yards but its main role is to allow you entering Voifdorm any time during the battle.
  • Psychic Horror can stun the target for 4 sec.

New talent adjustments         

To know all the talents does not mean to win the battles. Constantly use Shadow Priest rotation BfA leading smart game and always having a strategy. Apart from giving you all the names of talents we also have a short Shadow Priest guide of the new talents adjustment.

  • Physic scream as well as Mind Bomb, despite the different levels they demand, both takes 40% longer to pull yourself together after damage
  • Lingering Insanity last only 3 sec.
  • Surrender to Madness not only keeps you alive but decreases the penalty duration for 50%, cooldown – for 33%.
  • Void Torrent gives 20% damage and Insanity generation 30. To make it work you do not need to cast Voidform.

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