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Damage spells of any kind is the most powerful weapon in Warcraft. That is why such thing like BFA DPS rankings has got huge interest among players. We all wish to know how to deal damage in such a way that it’s most hurtful for our enemies, works fast and at the same time does not take much energy of our personage. In the new WoW expansion – Battle for Azeroth – there is a slight difference between classes and their ability to deal damage. Check DPS meter BFA beta now to get the information of your life of a gamer.

The role of dealing damage in WoW                                

Why damage spells are so impressive and important? WoW BFA DPS rankings are made due to a couple of characteristics. All damages are divided into 2 types: the ones you deal to the closest enemies – melee damage, and damages you deal staying on a pretty far distance from the foes. Depending on the race in BFA we choose class with all its abilities to deal damages. Not every race can use same classes. And this range makes the game even more interesting and challenging. So, what are they – BFA top DPS and what class is most useful for this matter?

Who is the best dps

WoW new race dps

Definitely, every personage has his own talents and abilities because each is unique and is made by a gamer, not a computer. However, every personage belongs to a certain race and therefore a certain class with a limited list of traits.             The more talented the personage is the easier you complete the mission and especially with BFA best mythic plus DPS as it’s a new level in WoW and only some missions are available at it…for the most successful and chosen ones.

There is no one answer for the question about best DPS but we suggest taking a deep look at Void Elf race. These warriors know magic and own weapons in such a skillfully way that you will not want to lose a chance to know them better. The best class for Void Elf may vary as it’s one of the races that can get almost any class: warlock, rogue, mage, priest, monk and others but not druids, paladin or shaman. Which one is the best? Check Void Elf requirements first in order to learn and practice all their skills.  

Void Elf guide  

Void elf guide

Void Elf unlock legend is pretty simple. Complete the Argus Campaign which is known as “You are now Prepared” where you get to Argussian Reach and gain a necessary level to play in BFA – 110. Since WoW Void Elf race is in Alliance Army you need to meet additional requirements which are special questlines: the Ghostlands and Telogrus Rift. Then choose among Void Elf classes following our guide with basic information.

Void Elf racials are active and passive.

  •         Chill of Night – helps to reduce damage taken from the enemy for 1%;
  •         Ethereal Connection – ability to reduce Void Storage cost by 50%, the same is for Transmogrification;
  •         Entropic Embrace – unique ability that gives your personage an essence of the Void;
  •         Preternatural Calm – when it works nothing can prevent you from casting spells;
  •         Spatial Rift – is an active trait that gives 3 minutes cooldown for all the enemies within 30 yards.

Void elf weapons                           

void elf weapon       

Damage spells make Void Elves top DPS in BFA but we also must take into account their weapons. Void Elf heritage armor is called Ren’dorei Armor. It’s pretty detailed and you can get it on level 110 starting with Ren’dorei Tabard at item level 1. After that take part in the fight For the Alliance and take Heritage of the Void for 10 points only.

Trying to figure out what the best DPS BFA is check these ones.

Void Elf Rogue does not have a heavy armor, has defensive abilities and is perfect in melee damage which means you deal damage to the closest enemies in the pool. Choose the specialization which can be Assassination, Outlaw or Subtlety. Rogue can sneak though the shadows and being absolutely unnoticeable while giving attacks to the enemy one by one, then suddenly disappear. These warriors know magic so they use a lot of poisons, stuns, bleeds etc.

Void Elf Warlock is another great class you may want to check. Their ranged damage is shadow and fire damage with spells plus hurting others instantly and by special affliction. Warlocks know a bunch of spells which they use successfully to seize the enemies and protect their masters. Some of them are specialized in Demonology. They play dark games with enemies summoning their horses into their own mounts, inducing two demons and defend them or making demons to serve them as their minions.

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