Every place has its heart, something that gives energy, something where everything starts and ends. WoW Heart of Azeroth has a power to bring peace and give back power to habitants, destroy dark and even blood magic that has covered Azeroth when Blood Trolls raised their heads in desire to make G’huun the main gold again.

The Heart of Azeroth is a source of new abilities and traits for every personage. Do not waste your time and start your crusade for the real possibilities to upgrade your hero and help to renew the prosperous life in Azeroth!

heartof azeroth look and story

Heart of Azeroth item: the history, where to get

As usual, in every WoW expansion the players get challenges and quest. This time the main quest will be given by Magni Bronzebeard who is a king of Dwarves. As soon as you complete the scenario you will get The Heart of Azeroth. This is a new item in the game and belongs to artifacts. This new artifact looks like a necklace and its main advantage is that once you get it you will be able to keep it at your neck during the whole expansion. Heart of Azeroth necklace is made of Azerite which has a form of crystal but in reality it’s a blood of Azeroth that has got crystallized. Now a little bit of history to understand what is going on.

Heart_of_Azeroth location

Azeroth is a world soul that is the most powerful and even such warriors like Sargeras or Titans. What has happened was that a victory over the Burning Legion gave belief to Sargeras in his omnipotence. He inserted the sword right in the heart of the world soul. Now Azeroth is bleeding and the sword covers the whole land with the dark magic and the whole planet is dying.

How to get Heart of Azeroth? Let’s go back to the quest. The first step will be to complete the Battle for Lordaeron. It was available right before BFA was launched. Then Magni will give you the scenario of his unique quest. Pay attention at the fact that at some steps the scenario can be different for Alliance and the Horde players. Complete the mission and get the Heart of Azeroth. As soon as you get the artifact it will have an item level 15. What to do next? You need to empower the necklace. The main tools for that are Azerite Traits and Azerite Armor.

Azerite armor where and how to get it?

Azerite Armor is a special set of gears – Chest, Shoulders and Helm. They drop as rewards at every quest you take part and complete, right up to level 120 which is max in BFA. After you reach the highest level in the game Azerite Gear will be available in the same ways as any other armor you already know. The sources are dungeons, quests, raids and others. You will see also such a set of armor that is impossible to gain but to purchase only once you reach the Exalted reputation being a part of faction Champions of Azeroth.

azeroth armor

What is a pleasant new is that the players can see the content of Azerite Armor in advance by using  buttons Shift + Right. Every slot of armor includes special rings with traits. You need those Azerite Traits to upgrade your abilities and you will be definitely impressed by them. The higher level of item is the better and more helpful the rings will be. 340+ level rewards the players with 4 rings in one slot at once, instead of 3.

Azerite Armor quick guide

Now you know where to look for Azerite Armor. Let’s take a look at the Heart of Azeroth map: the world soul is hidden under the ground, in the caves which are Maelstrom bottom, Puzzle Room, Dalaran Portal, Totem Lights etc. Despite the dark that wraps the Azeroth you will notice fantastic graphic the Blizzard has made for us. The path right there into the caves is the key to get Azerite Armor and gather Azerite Traits improving your item levels and bringing your personage upgrades in class, roles, debuffs and other abilities.

azeroth traits

The higher level of Heart of Azeroth is the better rings for the Azeroth Armor you will open. You always can see what requirements are demanded in order to open the slot with Azerite Armor. Just keep in mind that Azerite is your eternal goal while playing BFA expansion as the higher quality of your amulet is the more powerful your personage will become by gathering the rings according to your preferences.

The rings have different colors depending on their meanings. You can’t choose the ring to get first, only use the order by the rules.

First, it’s blue ring, takes the biggest amount of space in the slot – will give you Class Specific and Location trait. The list of traits is huge. They are Uldir Traits, Druid, Hunter, Paladin, Rogue, Shamans traits and others. You can get the trait that corresponds to your class only.

Second, a green ring – gives Role Traits. They enhance the role of the hero: healer, non-healer, tank and generic role traits.

Third, a yellow ring is all about Defensive Traits like Monk Defensive, Hunter Defensive, Druid Defensive and other classes. The rule is still the same: the traits correspond to the class of your hero.

Fourth, the most important, a central ring. Its importance is explained by the role the ring takes in upgrading the level of Azerite Armor – +5 item levels.


What to do if you are not satisfied with the set of traits you’ve already gained? Blizzard gives us a chance to change the traits. For that, you need to find Azerite Reforgers and pay them Gold in order to reset the list of Azerite Traits. Alliance and Horde have their own Reforgers: Alliance players will meet him at Tradewinds Market that is located in Boralus, new Kul Tiras continent. Look for a bizzare creature wearing purple and pink clothes, named Razzi the Shaper. If you work for Horde, go Dazar’alor, Grand Bazaar. He looks not so much different and is called Nudara the Shaper.

What is the price for reset the Azerite Traits. At first visit you will have to pay 5 golds, second will demand 10 golds and every next visit will cost you the double price of previous payment. The good news is that after 3 days of last visit the price will be cut twice and you will be able to save some golds.


  1. Is there a way to know how much Azerite power you have and how much is needed for the next level? Similar to Legion’s Azerite bar, told us the progression we had at any given moment. That only appeared in your class hall, is there a place we can go that gives us that information?

    1. If you enable the status tracking bar (shows reputation and leveling progression) and disable tracking of faction reputation, Artifact Power shows up as a progress bar.

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