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The new episode in WOW – the Battle for Azeroth – opens new territory, better to say regions of real continent size, with their own story, heroes, and special features. We are sure, true fans of this fantastic game will be interested in learning about them immediately to be ready for the fight when this episode will be launched. 

One of the zones belongs to Kul Tiras race, the independent one, whose history has both bright victories and bitter fails, hatred to Orcs, betrayal of Alliance races and so much more. This all led to the point where Kul Tiras humans are now – an empire is led by Katherine Proudmoore, has a powerful navy, huge territory, and… is in need by Alliance. The Alliance races need the help of Kul Tiras no less and this is where the story begins.

Kul Tiras Zones and Islands

The kingdom of Kul Tiras race is not an island where the borders are defined and protected. The Kul Tiras map looks like a huge kingdom with a long history that has never been peaceful. These regions are called Drustvar, Stormsong and Tiragarde Sound.

Drustvar area

Drustvar is a land of an ancient race called as Drust. After 2000 years of war between Drust and Kul Tiras races there is still no winner.

There were times when Drust humans were strong and powerful, then humiliated and lost their abilities. But what is remained it’s their belief in magic. Their women with time have transformed into witches who know dark magic, spells, and curses to keep the enemy away. This is where the new era of relationships between Drust and WoW Kul Tiras humans begin in the Battle for Azeroth. To be successful in this war we must keep in mind the ability of Drust humans to use dark magic and witchcraft against every enemy they meet on their land.

Stormsong Valley

Kul Tiras Kingdom: Stormsong Valley

Stormsong Valley is home for elementals called Shamans or Tidesages. They know the water and feel the connection with it on every level. Like all humans who believe in spirits, they need a special place for ceremonies and rituals. That’s why they have built a temple called Shrine of the Storm. Their rituals helped the Kul Tiran fleet to keep powerful and unbeatable. These humans are the watcher of the Great Sea, have an ability to calm down the elements and keep the water calm. But once Quilboards attacked the Tidesages making them helpless and miserable. As a result, Kul Tiras WoW, and their ships, in particular, is not protected anymore. This is the main reason to make war against Void and get back peace to the whole Kul Tiras allied race.

Tiragarde Sound

Tiragarde Sound has a leader – Katherine Proudmoore, who rules this coven of pirates, thieves, and bandits. Known as a land of eternal fog and high mountains, this part of the continent will feel full power of Kul Tiras in action.

Tiragarde Sound: Kul Tiras Kingdom

Do you know where is Kul TirasWarcraft capital city? Well, this is another reason to be merciless with pirates on Tiragarde Sound: Boralus, the capital of the Alliance empire or the kingdom. The humans of the island are known as monster hunters and together with their brothers from other parts of the continent they are going to demolish all the robbers and bandits.

Races of Kul Tiras

The battle for Azeroth gives us a chance to open 8 new races where one of them is  Kul Tiras BFA. We find out that according to the history of this race that is pretty huge, its continent played important role in the war of Alliance against Horde. The races of Kul Tiras have their own traditional heritage armor and classes like Druid in forms of bear and cat with abilities to travel, be aquatic and flying. Kul Tiran human race also has its own abilities and classes. However, their racial abilities and mount are still unknown. As usual, we have a chance to use the Dressing room for man and woman for all inhabitants of Kul Tiras kingdom and make our hero unique. The druid belongs to the class of “ancient druidic death magic, they are Tank, Healer, Ranged Leather DPS, Melee.

Alliance and Kul Tiras

Tiragarde sound, which is a part of Kul Tiras continent, is also a base of Alliance empire. That is why it must be cleared from all those marginal and thus, the Kul Tiras flag will be raised all over the continent. Alliance has been making war against Horde and Zandalari for million years already, with both ups and downs, in this war Kul Tiras humans play central role as their fleet has a potential to be invincible once the sea Shamans will get their power back, the capital city will be free from pirates and dark magic of Drustvar will be gone.

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  1. Hard to say which zone looks the best. (Maybe Stormsong Valley. It’s so pretty!) Zuldazar and Voldun for the Horde. Tiragard and Stormsong Valley for the Alliance. I’m sad I won’t get to quest in Kul Tiras on my main before hitting 120. Guess that honor goes to my alliance pandaren monk. Lucky guy!

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