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Mounts are absolutely necessary for a successful game in the new WoW expansion Battle for Azeroth. It means the list of known mountains is added for now and we can use 425 mounts on total with different rarity level and area to look for. How to find the mount you need right now?

Or maybe we have to collect them all? Whatever your decision is it will be easier to check them all and gather step by step when you know their abilities and the main – where to look for new mounts. You will find some special mounts now like bee mount BFA: they are bees of three kinds with ability to deal associated spell.  

Bfa best mount: nazjatar blood serpent          

This is our BFA mount guide you will not want to ignore as we’ve prepared the list of top-mounts here for you. In addition you will find everything about BFA mount farming and the advantages you get when owning a certain type of mounts.

Type of mounts appear in BFA

The new expansion means the new mounts. There is a surprise for all gamers now – a BFA secret mount or better to say its unordinary characteristic – the brain. Gentlemen, take a close look at the Hivemind which is something with a brain and therefore you can’t simply farm it as all other types of mounts. Well, step by step, learn about the main BFA mount collections now.


Wish to know the main about fishing mount BFA? Start with achievement mounts.


  •         Obsidian Krolusk is known as Glory of the Wartorn Hero. This mount is available in Mythic mode.
  •         Bloodgorged Crawg – he is a Glory of Uldir raif being an assistant to G’huun in corrupting blood and rot.
  •         Conqueror’s Scythemaw is considered to be a prototype for Krolusk with slight differences in colors and forms. His achievement is Conqueror of Azeroth having a ground mode.
  •         Pureheart Courser is a new ground mode mount available with 100 Exalted Reputation for every player, not a faction.
  •         Prestigious Bloodforged Courser is a PvP mode mount. You get a chance to use this mount at Honor 500 Level.
  •         Frenzied Feltalon is A Horde of Hoofbeats achievement. You get it as a reward after collecting no less than 400 mounts on total.
  •         Biting frosthard Core is available after gathering 350 mounts and at Mythic mode only. Its achievement is called Not Stable Big Enough.


There is some not easy BFA mount farm due to the rarity of their appearing. But without any doubt they deserve not only your attention but efforts to unlock them and ride.

  •         Captured Dune Scavenger is a hyena-like mount that hides in Vold’un zone. It drops from Sethrak creatures who lives in this land thought it’s called a random drop.
  •         Chewed-On Reins of the Terrified Pack Mule is a pretty rare mount that belong to human race. It helped them in Drustvar even before the land was bewitched. No specific source it drops from.
  •         Nazjatar Blood Serpent – go to Storm Valley at Kul Tiras continent and look for Adherent of the Abyss to get this mount. It belongs to secret mounts, travels by the ground and in the air.
  •         Reigns of a Taimed Bloodfeaster – look for this spider-look mount it in Nazmir zone.


  •         Dark Iron Core Hound is an iron dog-like mount serving to Dark Iron Dwarves as their racial mount. His travel mode is ground with speed up to 100%.
  •         Mag’har Direwolf is a huge wolf that Mag’har Ocrs have as their mount. Put some heritage armor on him and get a fantastic strong beast that will cover miles in a moment to bring you to the place. Ground mode.
  •         Zandalari Direhorn – is trolls mount. If you know troll already you can imagine this dinosaur is covered with gems of all colors and a big throne on his back. Ground mode only.
  •         Darkforge Ram – is another mount of Dark iron Dwarf race but this time with class-specific. It’s absolutely incredible for Paladin class. Check it immediately!


  •         Twilight Avenger has 2 travel modes: ground and flying with up to 310% speed. This model is used for other mounts like Drake(s).
  •         Surf Jelly is a swimming BFA fishing mount that is extremely fast in water – 300% speed.
  •         Qinsho’s Eternal Hound is useful both, on the ground and in the air with its flying speed 310%.
  •         Squawks – huge flying mount with speed 310%.
  •         Craghorn Chasm-Leaper – an improved version of Minion of Grumpus of ground mode.

How to get a new mount easily                          

All mounts you buy at markets or get from the creatures. Be attentive: when mount drops from the creature you can check what area of the expansion this creature (or beast) stays in. it will help to get more and more of mounts. When it’s about buying mounts the things are even easier: no BFA mount drops but only market and Black market where you can find rare items though for a high price. Some mounts demands from you to have a certain number of mounts already to be rewarded with it. Others are much easier to gain. But there is always an easy way to grab all the mounts you need simply using a booster. It’s up to you only how fast you can wide your collection of mounts and get new achievements.


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