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Since Battle for Azeroth was already introduced to use it’s time to go further and take a look at one of the most intriguing and rewarding locations of the game – dungeons. Here is an important WoW dungeon leveling guide checked by the players already which is going to be helpful for those who stand for Horde is who is going to be a winner at their continent.

 These are dungeons opened for Mythic level only. That’s why you will need our outlook and this WoW dungeon power leveling guide to upgrade your hero at max.

Siege of Boralus Mythic+ Guide                         

Siege of Boralus is one of two dungeons in Battle for Azeroth expansion that is available in Mythic mode only. To make it easier to understand what it’s there in BFA mythic + is expecting for us, see our guide down below. To reach the entrance of this dungeon you need to gain a max level in the game. So, check what kind of Bosses you will meet there and how to fight with them.

BfA dungeon guide: horde dungeons

Our  WoW BFA dungeon guide starts with the first boss called the Older, the simple mechanic one. It has a big frontal cleave about stobberknocker. What he does it tank all the time and the damage is so big that it takes you ages to recover. Also, you will find a lot of water in this part of the dungeon. The main danger in the water is the shark. Stay away from it as all it wants is to knock you into the water. You will need to heal each member of your team in this case.

The next part of this WoW dungeon guide is wave tender. Here the main weapon is brackish bolt that reaches the random target. You have a chance to interrupt this but keep in mind that you will need that interrupt for all cost. It’s called a Waterlight shell and the way it works is the following: it goes on the mob in a random order and puts absorption on them. Make sure you add interrupts otherwise the bolt will explode and will give damage to every single member of the group. There is an exception when the molten slug can’t be interrupted: when it goes through the Marchman cost. This situation is extremely dangerous for you. So, to prevent it from happening use fears and stuns as a healer.

There are some mobs in this WoW dungeon guide addon, they are called Fang Guards. These girls give as much damage as you can ever imagine and this damage is much more dangerous than Hulbert Frontal as it also works as a massive frontal attack though in a higher level. Make sure your defenders are faced away to prevent the damage of Fang Guards.

In the first room, you will meet Sergeant Bainbridge. To avoid the frontal fighting add more of Etzel spawn and kill the fingertip quickly. The boss changes the speed all the time and once he approaches you be assured you will be hit by iron case together with a silence spell. The way you can damage the boss is Trudy’s bombers which explode and this way hurt the boss. However, if the bombs explode when the boss does not go through them you wand everyone around will suffer.

CVN commander is one of the most important opps in the dungeon. He casts trample on a random player and the damage will stun him immediately. Commander is a priority so concentrate on your tactic against him: Blood Elf and a Master have the best abilities to win over him.

In the second room you will meet captain Lockwood. He jumps all the time and once he reaches the ship he starts to use cannons and drop them on the people around. Use these cannons to throw them back at the boss. To get an advantage here move all the time.

The Underrot Mythic+ Guide               

Underrot dungeon

Another BFA dungeon guide is about the Underrot. What should you know about this? The first one is a chosen Metron with ability to increase his speed up to 100%. The next one is Default block priest who is not a real priest but has three different casts but with several personal debuffs. Stay away from default spirits that have 2 kinds of casts. The main problem with them in this WoW mythic dungeon guide is a channel cast against which you better use the mobs and interrupts.

The first boss here is AXA whose main ability is to mimic himself and thus copies his abilities. He casts creeping rods which lead to death of the player once he stands in a big good puddle. The only way to remove this boss is to use a spot heal. Another danger in this BFA mythic+ dungeon is MSC mechanics as everything that is touchable will be divided into 2 copies.

Dungeon guide BFA introduces a second room where you must go through the vaults which make waves of decay. Here you will meet Suarez bot which you always must be ready to interrupt as he casts decaying mines with a heavy shield put on the players. Use a healing sword against this damage.

hode dungeons bfa

Second boss here is Crack muddy who spawns a couple of eggs. These eggs put debuff on the most important records. It’s an easy challenge for you – simply stand on the eggs to destroy them. If the boss reaches 100% energy he casts tantrum with heavy OAE. When you meet the reanimated Guardians prepare your monster spell as the guardians give heavy absorb by putting a suit on the top of themselves. You have an option to purge this though it takes a lot of time and efforts. In this case, BFA mythic+ boost can be useful to reach the goal faster. Be careful with order plots from the finders as they have three different classes of cast. The next mob is corruptor who spreads tentacles around the target making a corridor from where even shamans spells can’t save you. The best way to win over this boss is to choose one player and create a circle around his attracting the boss’s attention. Then start to hit him one by one till he falls down dead.                

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