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Do you remember Kalimdor, the land of Titans where they lived for ages and where they prisoned the Old Gods?

The Guide to the Horde Empire

Zandalar was first a part of that continent, better to say a center of the whole Troll Empire…till Cataclysm. That dark time made Zandalar sink into chaos and therefore led to the destruction of it on all levels. Beautiful Zandalar Empire has transformed into black and grey land with no trace of happy and successful life that trolls lived there.

Zandalar general

The Blood Trolls have appeared on the horizon pretending they are gods and their dark magic is privileged and it gives them power and right to be bosses.
What about other trolls who considered Zanadalar as their home for millennia, a long time before the seals have fallen and the blood magic showed its power?

zandalar map

Those trolls, being divided into tribes, lived friendly all together having meetings when there was a necessity to solve important questions and shared information. They built marvelous home for themselves and if to look at Zandalar map of those best times we can see green forests everywhere, cities made of gold and diamonds – favorite decorations of trolls.
Zandalari empire BFA suffers from prophet Zul who believes he can make Zandalar obey him and his dark power. This is how the WoW Battle for Azeroth starts. Zanadalar has several dungeons and raids with their own scenarios, loots, and bosses who guard them.

The perfect Zuldazar trolls capital

zulzadar explore

 Zulzadar is a true diamond of Zandalar Zone, the capital city the troll tribes are proud of. The city is built on the highest peaks of the continent, its architecture and culture has a lot in common with Maia people. Zulzadar is a place where Trolls keep their heritage armor and worship dinosaurs.

zuldazar troll

Talking of them, the whole city is designed to a comfortable life of dinosaurs who, as Trolls believe, lived their long time before them. Dinosaurs are their mounts and it’s not surprising that trolls worship them by creating art and ornaments in dinosaurs’ style. Here you will find a lot of sacred places – temples located on the mountains peaks, port in the South, and a road that leads to Atal’Dazar dungeon.

zuldazar view

What does Nazmir mean

Despite Nazmir was always a home for Blood Trolls there were times when this part of Horde Empire looked like a blooming land full of forests and greens.

nazmir 4powerleveling

But now this place is known for the most dangerous dungeon of all times – Uldir. This dungeon was built by Titans as their own laboratory to make researches. There they locked one of the Old Gods who now when Titans have left has become the main God of Blood trolls – Trolls who started to worship him and the power of blood magic. This tribe of trolls in WoW Zandalari go in confrontation with all other tribes as they wish to spread their power all over the continent and behave in a corresponding manner.


Like two other parts of Zandalar wow Vol’dun just recently was a nice and good for life land.

zandalar view

After the battle with C’Thun and his soldiers, the land of Vol’dun was inhabited with bugs, which has led to the isolation of it. You meet a real desert where life exists only in some parts of it. These dunes are the perfect place for serpent people who came to live here.

Sethraks worship Loa, the reptile, and have built a temple on its remains after Loa tried to protect the whole race from blood trolls. Sethraks are the masters of lightning power: their weapons are made of lightning energy.


for the horde
Horde in BFA has several dungeons. Almost all of them were built as tombs for ancient kings. Atal’Dazar and Kings’ Rest are two sacred places, look like Pyramids in the dead city. They keep both, body and spirits of ancient kings.This spirit has power that is in the view of prophet Zul and his servant Yazma. Both dungeons are in danger of twisting power into dark magic.

Temple of Sethraliss

Temple of Sethraliss, as it’s evident from the name, is place where Sethraks buried the remains of Loa and worship them. This place keeps lightning power.
Underrot together with Uldir represent a huge dungeon. To get to Uldir you need to go through Underrot first. Uldir has got is fame already and the players know how dangerous this dungeon is. Not doubt you will need to take all efforts to win over all bosses who guard Uldir in order to meet face to face the main prisoner of Titans – G’huun!


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