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This past September 21, 2018 a new patch 8.1 of Battle for Azeroth – Tides of Vengeance – was released. It has got some changes we are going to talk about today like main changes in classes, forms, wide-reputation option, armor, mounts, scenario and others.

You will be first who will learn all details to be able to use them immediately for your personage!

BFA patch 8.1 brings new raids on each continent – Alliance and Horde, some new talents and forms for certain classes.

Check those new Battle for Azeroth Druid forms right now! You will also see several more spots on the map of island expeditions like Jorundall and Havenswood which are coming with new events and new enemies there. Let’s go right there and check these unique features.

Main class changes in a new patch

There are some impressive Patch 8.1 class changes. Starting from Elemental Shaman plus Feral Druid with its AoE finisher and up to Patch 8.1 dh talents. Now heritage Armor is available not for allied races only.

You will find this option working for Dwarves and Blood Elves. Now, these races also have their questline where they must face their own essence and realize who they are and where they come from. To go through this quest both races must have the max level, exalted Reputation in their cities – Silverman for Blood Elves and Iron-forged for Dwarves.

Main class changes in a new patch

As to Allied race requirements in patch 8.1 for wow, what you need to do to unlock the race is reaching the level 120. However, it will not give you an Exalted reputation of the faction need for gaining Allied Race’s tabard because once you open it you can use for each personage you have in the game. Besides, it will also mean that your account in vast progress for Achievement purposes.          

New druid forms and racial mount in patch 8.1

Meet Battle for Azeroth new druid forms for several races available now – they are Highmountain Taurens, Kul Tiran and Zandalari trolls. First, Zandalari druid forms are added with an aquatic form which looks like a shark or better to say a reptile from million years ago, not so scary look really but still with big expectations can and be of dark/light, green/teal colors. So, now apart from current Zandalari troll druid forms we have a new one which has the same characteristics: easy to customize, pretty flexible and incredibly versatile.

Kul Tiran druid forms work in the same way as for Zandalari.

New druid forms and racial mount in patch 8.1

For Allied race of human has an extra druid form called Moonkin: choose it to look like a dark, pale, black or red one with basic features. A line of racial mounts is extended. Now we know that the mount of Patch 8.1 for Kul Tiran race is Horse. Let us remind you that Stormwind Humans have the same mount, so it’s going to be precisely Kul Tiran mount. The horse is pretty detailed and looks really cool. We are looking forward to learning everything about his traveling mode and abilities. Are you in?

New raids of the Battle for Azeroth

The new raids announced by Blizzard in this Patch. 8.1. are not the same for every class to play. Let’s start from the very beginning. Siege of Zuldazar is the first known raid. It’s not the same for both factions, so keep in mind it will change depending on the faction you play. Talking of Alliance, that army will begin its journey from the southern part of Zulzadar – Horde Empire capital city. They will fight all enemies on their way to the pyramids right in the center of Zandalar continent. Horde army, the opposite, will start from the northern part of the city moving to the port and meanwhile doing their best to ward off their rivals’ attack. After reaching Siege of Zuldazar you will face those 6 bosses + 3 which are hiding there.

New raids

Another raid – Crucible of Storms is located in Stormsong Valley on Kul Tiras island. Its scale is much smaller and there are only 2 bosses to defeat there. However, that’s all we know, for now, so we are eagerly waiting for the news from Blizzard. Both raids are available in PvE mode.

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