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Definitely, you’ve heard already about the new raid that is available now in Battle for Azeroth WoW Siege of Zuldazar.

To start testing get the whole information about patch 8.1.0 Tides of Vengeance released on September 21 and its first raid where both factions will meet each other on the battlefields of Zanadalar continent. This time Alliance will defeat the Horde territory according to their scenario while Horde will defend their territory completing their mission. Interested? Oh yes, let go straight to the Siege of Zuldazar overview: its map, bosses, gear and weapons we need to be successful in the fight.

The release of the new BfA raid

October 8, 2018 was the day when Siege of Zuldazar raid was introduced to the players. The main question we are interested in right now is how to reach the raid zone and what the terms are. There is only one rule for that: it does not matter if you in Stormwind, Dalaran, Boralus or Orgrimma find Nexus-Lord Donjon Rade III. He will tell how to teleport to the raid. Be sure the raid is open already while testing. One more thing just to remind: you must unlock the race you play for after completing the quest.

release of the new BfA raid

What do you have to fight the enemy? Blizzard showed new Siege of Zuldazar armor to use. Check them down below. No doubt, when you look at them you will find out the graphics is incredibly realistic and each item is unique. Here is Siege of Zuldazar plate armor:

  • Mace 1H;
  • Sword 1H;
  • Sword 2H;
  • Fist weapon;
  • Staff;
  • Glaive;
  • Dagger;
  • Offhand;
  • Shield;
  • Axe;
  • Wand.

Now about Siege of Zuldazar gear different races can use. The introduced items are the following:

  • Cloth/ Cloth Mystic;
  • Leather/Leather Mystic;
  • Mail/Mail Mystic.

Siege of Zuldazar Cloth

Exploring the map of the raid Siege of Zuldazar

Once you found a way to Siege of Zuldazar raid check what scenario you must follow. If you play for Alliance, you will find yourself in the docks of the port which in the southern part of the Horde continent. Jaina leads the army to the central part where the pyramids with High Seat are waiting. This time Jaina is one of Siege of Zuldazar bosses but only for Horde Army.

The opposite army – Horde – starts from the North moving to the same spot on the map. On their way, they defeat all 6 bosses where the last one is Jaina Proudmoore. It does not matter how many enemies you will encounter use WoW Siege of Zuldazar gear to win the fight.

It’s evident that since both armies move toward each other from the opposite sides of Zandalar continent they meet different bosses to fight. That’s why Blizzard announced that both factions have a different scenario. The scenarios, however, are not so different when it’s about bosses.

Alliance bosses:

  • Ra’wani Kanae;
  • Loa Council;
  • King Rastakhan;
  • Treasury Guardian;
  • Grong the Revenant;
  • Grimfang and Firecaller.

Alliance bosses Ra'wani Kanae

Horde Bosses:

  • Frida Ironbellows;
  • King Grong;
  • Sea Priest Blockade;
  • High Tinker Mekkatorque;
  • Flamefist and the Illuminated;
  • Assumed Jaina Encounter.

We know nothing about most bosses except the very first ones. Ra’wani Kanae and Frida Ironbellows are identical having the same abilities, the number of troops and strategy for a battle. Let’s take a quick look at them as one.

Horde Bosses Frida Ironbellows

Both ladies, Frida and Ra’wani, use holy energy, multiple seals and have the ability to heal their soldiers. Seals are a tool to empower themselves and also the troops when the level of boss energy reaches 100. She allows her troops using Wave of Light that inflicts Holy damage to all enemies and Consecration that does the same damage plus reduces the damage taken from a caster. These two abilities help in diminishing the size of territory made for battles. Both bosses use such damage spells like Blinding Faith, a wave of divine light, and Seals of Reckoning. Their healing abilities include Seal of Retribution as well as Blinding Faith. Bosses also tank with Sacred Blade that spread holy energy and provide with the melee attack with Holy damage every 2 seconds.

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