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Hello there to everyone who is on the way to one of the most interesting, dangerous and exciting dungeons of the new WoW expansion!

Uldir raid is full of surprises, new abilities to learn and to use in order to get the Uldir raid gear together with most wanted treasures. Can’t wait already to check it out?

Dive with us into this ocean of adventures and meet the main WoW Uldir bosses. Almost each of them has 2 or 3 stages to go through, so the task is not easy at all. WoW raid bosses use help of minions and create a real mess in order to catch you unprotected, weak and with no abilities to fight.


BfA bosses: taloc Uldir raid

Taloc is the first of all Uldir halls of control bosses which means you will not face big difficulties with him. Keep in mind there are 3 stages here – Bloody Puddles, Elevator (called also a platform) and More puddles.

Plasma discharge stage

Plasma discharge is a debuff that is put on a random player and creates Blood Storm every 2 seconds. This Blood storm makes a blood puddle you better stay away from. The main boss’s ability here is Cudgel of Gore. The only power of this spell is to knock the players back for 30 yards. Another thing is Retrieve Cudgel – Taloc’s most dangerous weapon that not only knock you back but gives an impressive damage.

Elevator stage

Move to Elevator that looks like a big puddle in the center that also moves. Not such a big deal. But once Taloc’s energy level reaches 35% this stage begins and now his damage power increases up till 99% thanks to spell Powered Down. The boss has help of adds of two kinds. Coalesced Blood and Volatile Droplet: the first ones create those blood puddles, others knock you back again and deal damage as well. At this stage Taloc use his most powerful weapon – Defensive Beam.

Taloc third stage

The third stage is similar to the first one but instead of several puddles created by Plasma Discharge you will see a much bigger number of them. What to do now? Move all the time and do not allow the boss to make a frontal attack that knock you back.


It’s time to get all your Uldir armor sets as Mother is not as easy as the previous boss. Here you will see not 3 stages but 3 chambers and Mother moves from one to another one. The third chamber is the most dangerous because there the boss gets 100% of damage power. When the fighting begins the timer starts. You will see the Cleansing Purge which is a Mother’s energy source that gives fire damage to all in the chamber. In all chamber Wind Tunnel pushes you right into the fire that kills you, no chance to survive. There is a Defensive Grid between the rooms and it works like this: do not try to go through it with the whole team, better 2 or 3 players at the same time. Sanitizing Strike is another ability of this Uldir WoW boss – it gives 50% damage to all.

BfA bosses: mother Uldir raid


The third of new raid bosses is known as Fetid Devour. Only chamber but the danger is even higher. Look closer: Trashing Terror gives 300% damage, Malodorous Miasma and Putrid Paroxysm infliect damages for 18 and 6 seconds each. Once boss gets 100% energy from the source he starts to use Rotting Regurgitation that gives AoE.

BfA bosses: fetid Uldir raid

Fetid Frenzy is boss’ minion that increase his damager up to 25% while his energy level decreases till 50%. One note for those who play at Mythic mode – Shockwave Stomp – this spell knocks you back close to the boss and it does not matter how big the distance between you and the boss is.


Warcraft Uldir hides one more boss in the dungeon – Vectis. Only two stages but a lot of spells with real damage. At the 1st stage you attack the boss and you better use this chance at max. Omega Vector gives damage to random non-tank players – 5% extra to Nature damage effect. Gestate is responsible for AoE damage to the player, the closest to the boss. If Affliction is put on you be sure you will get Nature damage for 12 seconds.

BfA bosses: vectis Uldir raid

At 2nd stage of this fight you do not have a chance to attack the boss because Vectis changes his material form and now he looks like a puddle that deals lingering damage and Nature damage 3%. Also this stage is full of bombs that explode giving damage to all with no exclusion.


Of all Uldir bosses this one is extremely powerful as he uses all his abilities on every stage of the fight plus he has abilities that put stacking debuffs. He has a real arsenal of weapons against you. When his energy level is 100% he starts to spawn circles that give deadly effect on every player within it. Be careful with Titan Spark that deals low damage on a random player, Shatter with 50% damage already and Void Lash of the highest damage including stacks. Interesting thing is Zek’voz’ Orb of Corruption which is a sphere with a power called Will of the Corruptor that controls players and thus does not allow them to continue fighting.

Zul, Reborn    

Do you think you know everything about World of Warcraft raid bosses till now? It’s time to meet with Zul, the prophet in the past with abilities and talents for dark magic. The room consists of 2 stages. It looks at first that Zul is not dangerous as his main ability at 1st stage is to knock you back and deal melee damage once he reaches 40% of energy. But this level increases and every 5% means plus 1 more debuff stack.

Another thing is Corrupted Blood which id a debuff that deals Shadow damage every 2 seconds and stacks. The effect from them lasts during the whole fighting, no chance to get rid of them at all, no cleansing package. Once Rupturing Blood  – a blood pool under the player that is created after 20 sec of Shadow damage – appears, everyone within it will be inflicted.                          


Mythrax is Wow Uldir boss called also the Unreveler is the last one challenge before you meet the main boss – G’huun. He is never tired of fighting and his only master is the old God. He uses the most miserable Uldir weapons – stacks and adds. His main tank ability is Annihilation stacks. With its help Mythrax spawns you in a circle. Use Existence Fragment to set yourself free from it as every stack steels 1% of your health. At stage 2 meet the adds who spawn player in a random order. Now boss is almost invulnerable!

BfA bosses: mythrax Uldir raid

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