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Uldir dungeon is a new spot on the map of Horde continent. You already know of 7 bosses who you will face in different rooms, one by one. Now it’s time to find out more about one of those WoW final bosses, the most disgusting and terrible one – G’huun.

He is prisoned by Titans in the dungeon and most of all he wants to be free. The battle for Azeroth is the perfect time for him to make his dream come true and he has all means for that. Prepare to meet him, WoW Battle for Azeroth Ghuun, the ugliest beast of all times. He has a lot of abilities and every new one is the worse than the previous but we have a tactic of three steps for how to win, so follow our guide right now.

final uldir boss ghuun kill

G’huun step one

The phase number one looks like a huge platform with minions on it and G’huun who hides there. Your goal here to catch Power Matrix. There are several obstacles here to prevent you from having Matrix including the ability of platform to slow you down for some time and also give some damage. What you must do it to take Matrix to Reorigination Drive. To win you need a team of players because there is no chance only for one to catch Matrix and get it to that device. You need 3 Matrix in the end. Each time when you hold it you are under the attack of debuff Imperfect Physiology that holds you down for 5 minutes. The damage you get is not so much painful when your personage belongs to such classes like monk, hunter, warrior or demon. You just have a desire to finish this stage as soon as possible. Once Matrix is in Reorigination Drive the phase two starts.

G’huun kill step two

It’s time to find out how to increase your chances in WoW defeat BFA dungeon bosses. While you are trying to catch Matrix the boss is having rest and just watching you from the platform. If you think you must deal damage to him you are terribly wrong as he uses Blood Shield for healing. Also now he starts to be more active with using debuff Explosive Corruption, a spell that gives corruption to a random player and that explodes after 4 seconds creating Virulent Corruption which radiate outward.. Its damage ability is 40 Plague damage to all players who stand within 5 yards. This spell creates a patch called Blighted Ground.

ghuun fat boss

In WoW Ghuun has an impressive help of adds. There are several types of them.

  • Blightspreader Tendril gives Decaying Eruption to the whole raid. They may lose energy but replenish it going to another room.
  • Cyclopean Terror’s weapon is Torment that deals damage for 15 seconds on one random player.
  • Dark Young are extremely dangerous when they have 100% energy. They cast Dark Bargain that increase damage for 25% to all players within the circle and lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Reorigination Blast inflicts damage to all players and mobs every 5 seconds. This effect lasts for 25 seconds each time. Use healing spells and take a chance to kill all the mobs who are left alive after that spell.
  • Wave of Corruption is a personal G’huun’s ability that gives damage to every player within 5 yards from the boss.
  • Putrid Blood gives waves of Blood Feast to a random player on the team. Usually, it’s about 3 waves where each lasts for 10 seconds. As soon as the third wave is gone all the DoTs will be removed. But the add does not stop and starts to spawn interrupting heroes for 3 seconds and giving 5% damage to health to everyone within the circle. You can stop these adds with help of Mind-Numbing Chatter spell.

G’huun win tactics step three

If you believe this is too difficult to complete the mission then do it faster and easier using BFA Ghuun boost. Otherwise, follow to the third stage of the fighting and win it! When the boss health level reaches 25% then the third stage will start. It’s the best chance to learn how to kill a boss using the whole step of armor and spells your team owns. Look at the ceiling, it will start to Collapse and will leave big circles above your heads while giving great damage. No need to use spells, simply move and run away. Instead, watch Malignant Growth that deals death damage to all players within 8 yards. The boss starts to cast Gaze of G’huun that freeze with fear for 6 seconds. He does not stop to cast Corrupting Bite and Explosive corruption to destroy the raid completely when every melee attacks bring extra 15% to Plugin Damage and stacks. But boss WoW BFA Ghuun does not use frontal attack so you can face him and come closer.

Ghuun win

Also, we recommend checking the video guide from FATBOSS below

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  1. Thank you for G’huun guide. May I add one thing. P3 on G’huun will start at 20%. I think it was changed recently.

    1. hei…G’huun absolutely does phase change at 20%. Killed him 3 days ago on normal, always started the collapse at 20%. Also, Warriors can make carrying the orbs easy if they’re fast on their charges. They can easily warlock portal leap to the insertion point within a couple of seconds if they’re quick.

  2. Excellent raid guide. Great flow in your explanation, and easy to read if necessary to get an even better understanding! Thanks for the great guide! Only 3 steps to kill g’huun – it’s cool result!

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