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For all those players who can’t wait to upgrade their heroes in WoW to complete the missions they need we suggest using our service. This is especially useful for Uldir Heroic mode because, as you already know, it demands 120+ level of the personage to be involved into the most wanted battles like Uldir raid. You can’t fight Uldir bosses without having Heroic mode.

Uldir Heroic Loot Run service includes

Our BfA Uldir Heroic boost includes only necessary features which are the following:

⭐ Ahead of the Curve: Gh’uun – 1 Feats of strength

⭐ 3 achievements to defeat the Uldir bosses: Halls of Containment, Crimson Descent, Heart of Corruption.

 ⭐ Loot levels – 370 and 390 – with a spec like weapons, important Azerite armor and others.

⭐ Great opportunity to get hundreds of Azerite for Heart of Azeroth to be full.

⭐ Special loot system to enhance your chances to get better items. Check our X3, X5 and X7.

So, use a chance to face all the exciting moments by yourself without sharing your account

Uldir bosses review

Meet Uldir raid bosses with us. So, there are 8 bosses there in the raid to fight with. Moreover, you will find the whole package of information about them on our website, so we will just give you a guide what to look for – the names of bosses are Mother, Taloc, Fetid Devour, Vectis, Zek’voz, Zul, Mythrax, and the main boss Gh’uun. Each boss has a big arsenal of spells, casts, tanks and assistants.

Uldir bosses

After killing one you will get into the new room with new conditions and ready to use everything you have in your armor. Make Uldir boss order to be the first who will complete Uldir raid mission!          

What is Uldir Heroic and why do I take part?

Uldir raid is full of loot. This is the main reason why you need to be there badly. As it’s available at Heroic mode only you must meet these requirements which are not easy considering the difficulties in getting items and levels in BfA. You should know, WoW Uldir heroic boost price is based on the huge chances you receive to gain the necessary level, grab the loot and move on.

How do you share loot in the Uldir Heroic?

In BfA you will have only personal loot, this is the ultimate rule for this expansion. Also, our Uldir Heroic boost price includes an option of 370+ level for your character with additional loot. If you order X3, X5 or X7 loot you become a member of the team of 3, 5 or 7 players of the same class and spec.  We give a number of guaranteed items according to the loot type you choose: 4, 6 or 8 items in slots.

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