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First BfA raid overview: entrance to Uldir

Uldir is the very first raid that will be open for the players in September 2018. Starting with 14th of August, you will be able to join the new WoW expansion called Battle for Azeroth and check all new options. Talking about options, Uldir BFA raid has something to offer, something new and different to all the previous tools and options you had.

Uldir preview tells us about the time of thousand years ago, the time when Titans pretended to be their own Gods and did not obey anybody on the Earth. They created Uldir as an underground dungeon.

uldir raid boss

Its main role was to keep specific specimens for Titans to make research about them and learn every detail. Those specimens belonged to the Titan’s main enemy – Old Gods whose nature and power they wanted to comprehend completely in order to neutralize it for them. This is where the story begins…

Uldir Halls of control location

Uldir, Halls of Control, this is the name we know this dungeon. It’s played in the PvE mode and is considered to be one of the most difficult but incredibly exciting raids of all that BFA includes. Old Gods were locked in the underground cage for a millennia and it looked like the seals are pretty reliable. But it happened that those seals fell down with a crash that released dark power in face of 8 bosses. Each of them guards its own part of Uldir.

raid map

uldir raid map

The map of Uldir reminds an ancient Black wing Descend or even Emerald Nightmare that is familiar to the player. It’s located in Zandalar, the Horde new continent, under Nazmir. This is a place where Blood Trolls live. They are known for worshiping the main Blood God called G’huun. Considering the structure of the raid, which is non-linear, you can choose the boss you are going to fight with immediately. However, to reach the most powerful of them, G’huun, you need to kill all 7 bosses of the raid.

Raid description      

Zandalar is land where we meet many witnesses of Maya culture and lifestyle. Uldir raid BFA is not exclusion. Looking at its environment and trying to understand its composition, we can’t ignore the same influence on this dungeon: details in Mayan style, bright colors like gold, many shadows of blue and white, perfect graphics and that Blood magic that drenches the walls and every inch of the dungeon! This all gives a special and very correct vision of Uldir raid as a land where the main Blood God is prisoned and he can’t wait the moment when he is free again. Blood trolls are going to do their best to help him and thus, all other bosses. Exactly that’s why this dungeon is called the most difficult of all.

Uldir bosses review

There are 8 bosses in Uldir. This number is another reason why players, after watching the preview, realized that it’s going to be an uneasy task to reach the final boss and get the most important victory in BFA. This Uldir raid guide about bosses is going to help you to realize the danger you will face in the biggest dungeon of Zandalar. We introduce the bosses one by one as their power increases in dungeon.

Taloc the Corrupted

Start fight with Taloc only when he is at the elevator. Do not room him, otherwise he will simply float in the air and no chance to fight with him.

Mother Bfa Boss

If she is in different section then the player you simply can’t attack her. She is a decent rival but relatively easy to win over.

Fetid Devourer

The fight with this boss is available in 4 modes. He has a help  – the Corruption Corpuscles which release Enticing essence.

Zek´voz, Herald of N´zoth

He has a number of powerful attacks and makes several eruptions where each gives 80 Shadow damage to the player who caught it.

Vectis, Zul Reborn

This boss is dangerous with his ability to create vectors – Omega Vector, that does not disappear and all the time bounce between the players while fighting continues.

Mythiraz the Unraveler

He is known as the bringer of Oblivion and has a power to Annihilation which means reduce player’s health till minimum.

Zul, Reborn

He has an ability to summon Forces of Blood but this is not the most dangerous he can do. When he gets Corrupted Blood from G’huun this is the moment when the real problems begin.


No need to say so much about him as, you already know that, he is the main of Old Gods, the Blood God.   

ghuun bfa boss

There is no necessity to face all 8 bosses by yourself especially when you are not confident about the effect. You can easily buy Uldir boost that will increase your power and will help to go through the heroic mode which is the most difficult and challenging. Do not rely on the loot option you’ve known before. Here, Uldir raid, it does not work as only personal loot matters. The booster will give you more people to fight and trade the loop for you.


4 thoughts on “BFA raids: Uldir Halls of control raid review”

  1. I feel like there is almost no connection between the Alliance storyline and this raid, is that accurate? Now, I’ve not completed everything in all the zones for Alliance yet, but seems like this is a little out of left field if I wasn’t also leveling a Horde toon and familiar with the lore of the game.

  2. Nowadays people like to complain about everything…
    Extremely detailed and very well explained in user-friendly language, they have always been of great help to my guild on Heroic and Mythic, and the same should be true for everyone.

  3. G’huun is such a cool encounter, and Old Gods in general have always felt the most fascinating of WoW’s villains to me. G’huun ‘s abilities all sound very Lovecraftian, such as it’s “Dark Young,” it’s undulations, it’s amorphous cysts, it’s worm -like “spawn of G’huun.” Overall, it sounds incredibly visceral and disgusting, which I suppose is fitting for an Old God with a sphere of Blood Magic.

  4. Your guides are so perfect. Very concise and easy to read with everything you need to know about Uldir. Love them! But be clear you didn’t mention the purple beams at all.

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