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Guys, welcome to our WoW hunter pets guide where you will find out everything about all pets which are available and useful for all personages of the hunter classes. There are some prominent changes, exciting, open to use for free in this or that pet family and specs. We must start with words of WoW BfA hunter pets as pretty different, both with different kinds and abilities.

Definitely, you will a possibility to use the help of those pets you saw in the game before but be ready to find new ones and tame them. Is it difficult to tame the pets in the new patch?

Some of BfA best hunter pets are wild and will demand some efforts from your personage, others have a low level of difficulty and the only complicated thing is to find a path to the pet as it’s somewhere in the woods or on the bottom of the ocean.       

Battle for Azeroth Hunter Pets overview

There are three pet family specs to tell you about in this hunter pet guide. The total number of pets in this patch of WoW is impressive – 100+.

⚡ Ferocity pets

Ferocity pets BfA are noticed to be useful in difficult modes of the game. Use their Primal rage and Predator’s Thirst to make the battle successful.

⚡ Tenacity pets

Tenacity pets BfA belong to another group of pets which are useful in dungeons. Their ranges are Survival of the Fittest – an instant one and Endurance Training, both unlimited. The pet families which belong to this spec are Toad, Krolusk (Exotic family) and Lizard.

⚡ Cunning pets

Cunning pets – use them in PvP mode. Master’s Call range is available at 74 level and Pathfinding you can use at any level in BfA. Meet the new impressive pet family in this spec – Pterrordax, the Exotic one.

BfA Hunter Pets

WoW hunter pets changes in BfA

Let’s go straight to the WoW hunter pets guide changes. We have made a short and helpful table for all the changes you will face in the game.

✅ Every pet family has a unique specialization. If your hero belongs to a hunter class he can use one family and its ability without a chance to change it.

✅ Despite all specs have the same talent to deal damage, the same level of armor and health, WoW hunter pets differ from each other by one special ability. Check the table of abilities to make sure you use all the abilities that your pet is armed with.

✅ The set of attacks for every pet includes his basic attacks which are Smack, Claw and Bite, plus Dash and Growl. The last one is switched off automatically as soon as you enter any kind of dungeon. But if you will you can turn it on again merely pushing the button.

✅ Avoidance is a known ability for WoW hunter pets BfA, in this expansion, it helps to reduce the range that your enemies can attack you.

✅ Another thing is Battle resurrection. In BfA it removed entirely, as well as some old pets. Instead, the range of best wow hunter pets is added to some exotic ones.    

✅ All hunters get 10 new slots having a chance to own up to 65 BfA new pets.

New Pet Families in Battle for Azeroth

New Pet Families in Battle for Azeroth

Pet Families in BfA

Pet Family List

Ferocity pets 

Tenacity pets

Cunning pets


Top best pets for Mythic+ Dungeons

The list of specs is short which is not true for the special abilities of all available BfA hunter pets. Some of them are especially needed in dungeons, raids and different dangerous spots on the map of the whole expansion. To be successful in Mythic+ mode you have to use BfA best hunter pets. Want to know their names and their abilities? There is nothing more accessible for you now.

Take a look at the Stag family. The pets in this family are gazelle, unicorns, moose and talbuk of more than 65 kinds. You will not face any difficulty to tame the pets of this family but will have a chance to use all of the abilities they have in dungeons.

Stag family

Being one of the WoW best hunter pets Stags belong to Tenacity specialization. It means that apart from the standard set of abilities which are a defensive talent to reduce damage for 30% during 6 sec and increase the health of itself and the owner for 5%, it has a special ability – Nature’s Grace. This is an instant melee range with the cooldown for 10 seconds that has certain requirement to use (weapons and level of your personage 35) and solaces the target while removing magic and 1 enrage effect.

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